Are You Watching “His Dark Materials”?

Years ago I was entranced by Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy, also called His Dark Materials. I loved how close his world was to our world–but also distinctly different in fantastical ways–and the reveals over the 3 books scratched many of my speculative fiction itches.

There was a Golden Compass movie around 10 years ago that was fine. I didn’t walk away wowed by it, but I happily would have watched the other 2 movies. I don’t think it didn’t particularly well at the box office, though.

I was really excited that HBO picked it up. So far I’ve watched the first 2 episodes, and here are my spoiler-free thoughts:

  • The casting and set design is excellent. Just like in the books, the world feels familiar but different.
  • The daemons (little magical animals associated with each human) look fantastic. I’m amazed by the CGI for them, especially in a TV show.
  • I like that the series isn’t sticking to the order of reveals from the books. We’ve already learned a lot that isn’t revealed until much later in the books, but I think it’s solid screenwriting for this format.

Overall, I’m really happy with the show so far, and I look forward to seeing if the pacing feels right over the course of the first season. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Are You Watching “His Dark Materials”?”

  1. Chris McGowan says:

    This show sits in my DVR waiting for time to view it.

    Are you still watching Survivor?

  2. Andrea, London (UK) says:

    Great, can’t wait to watch. Loved the books back then but didn’t watch the movie. I remember that the story felt unique and I liked the idea of having a daemon. The first “Book of Dust”, La Belle Sauvage is high on my bookpile of shame. Also need to go visit Oxford again.

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