The Blind Date Rom Com Question

Last night we watch a British romantic comedy on Netflix called “Man Up” (an odd title that has nearly nothing to do with the plot of the film). The premise is that two people try to meet on a blind date, but due to a mixup, a different girl meets the guy, and they end up going on a date instead.

What would you do in that situation, in either position? Obviously in rom-com world, the girl doesn’t tell the guy that she’s not the original blind date, and when she tries to tell the guy, he interrupts with a different confession. In real life it would seem that both parties would figure out the truth almost immediately…but then if it’s just the two of you, do you simply part ways, or do you go on a date anyway if the other person seems fun, attractive, and nice?

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a blind date. I’m pretty sure I went on one where I didn’t know what the woman looked like in advance–a friend set us up. I’m trying to think what I would have done if I was 10 minutes into a conversation with the wrong person. I’m sure I would get a clarification from them, but then what? Take a break to text the real date, somehow explain the error with emojis, reschedule, then continue with the current date if I’m enjoying it? That’s my inclination.

It’s such an odd situation, but I like rom com hypotheticals. What would you do?

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  1. Well, this is actually how I met my boyfriend of 4 years back in my 20s. I was on a double-date at a discoteque, my best friend Claudia wanted to meet with her ex-boyfriend – they still had a thing for each other. He wanted to bring a friend he thought was a good match for me. He told his friend that Claudia is the “pretty one”…
    We agreed to meet at the disco and Claudia’s ex only made a short introduction but did not address anyone by name and then left shortly after to say hi to some pals, leaving his friend Ralph with us. Ralph thought I was the pretty one so he started chatting with Claudia, believing she was me.
    I left them to go dancing. I was kind of used to Claudia getting all the attention, she always had a cheeky grin and was up for a flirt, wheras I was the reserved one and lost when it comes to flirting.
    Ralph found me 1 hour later and genuinly apologised for not talking to me, he explained that he didn’t want to get in his friends way. We sat on a stair-case and talked for hours, which was the beginning of our relationship. Happy end!


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