Uplift Desk: Highly Recommended

A few years ago, I wrote with joy about an electric sit/stand desk I bought at IKEA. I had heard about the health benefits of a sit-stand desk, and I feel like I enjoyed those benefits for a while.

I’ve held off on saying much about it since then, because the experience ended up being soured by electrical issues. Basically, once a year the wiring on the desk would simply stop working, leaving the the desk in its current position until I could get a replacement. 6 months ago when this annual issue happened, the issue carried over into the motor, and IKEA wouldn’t fix it without a receipt (which I no longer had).

So when I moved, I gave up on the IKEA desk for good and started fresh with the highly-reviewed Uplift desk. While I can’t attest to the longevity of the desk, I can say that I’m loving it so far. It’s big, sturdy, and it looks great.

Most of all, I love the option to set different desk heights. I pretty much just use two of them: sitting and standing, and I can push a number to have the desk revert automatically to those heights (rather than fiddling with the up/down buttons). This was an add-on, but it was well worth it. I’ve also enjoyed the continual core workout of the weird chair I added on.

Have you ever used a sit-stand desk? What do you think, and do you have a brand of choice?

2 thoughts on “Uplift Desk: Highly Recommended”

  1. I’ve used what is ostensibly a sit-stand desk (a varidesk) at the Bureau for the past five years and absolutely love it. Almost without exception, I never sit, so my posture has greatly improved (not sure if it was bad in the past, but I feel stronger) and I maintain the same level of stamina throughout the day. A number of articles have talked about the fact that sitting all day is the new smoking…so, for better health, I recommend the standing desk.

  2. My previous employer provides those, don’t remember the brand though. It had up- und down buttons but it would have been perfect if it had had set options as we did hot-desking and you had to adjust your table and chair on that day for your specific needs.
    At home my laptop is on a high chest of drawers, not the ideal height and setting but I like to stand when I browse the Internet or skype/do phone calls.
    Oddly I prefer standing when telephoning or skyiping, it makes me feel more present and this for me is a big plus.
    I prefer sitting when I do a lot of writing or Excel spreadsheets, not sure why.


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