Have You Ever Been Unable to Do This?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that opening jars has never been my strong suit. Slippery lids always seem to evade my grasp, and my lateral wrist strength isn’t great. So there’s that.

But I really should have been able to open this plastic bottle of gummy vitamin C tablets. The problem, it appears, is that there’s a fault in the child-prevention lid–no matter how much I pressed and turned, I simply could not open the bottle.

In the end, I gave up. Bottle 1, Jamey 0.

What the bottle didn’t know, however, is that there are other ways through plastic. Like knives. I avoided cutting off any limbs while stabbing my way through the bottle.

It’s not the ideal solution, but a man’s gotta get his vitamin C (my winter fruit of choice has been apples, so I’m missing out on the big C). To this day I still don’t know it the bottle wouldn’t open because of some fault in me or the lid itself, but at least I found a way in.

Have you ever been unable to open a bottle? What was your solution?

7 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Unable to Do This?”

  1. Next time you cannot open a bottle ask a female around you, women are fierce when it comes to open jars and bottles. I once read somewhere that the ratio of hand size and grip is better in women than in men (this or we get more kitchen time). I had to open many gherkin jars and ketchup bottles for my hunk of brother.

  2. I have never relinquished power back to the lid. In rare curcumstances I have taken extreme measures, but in 99% of cases, I just pull out a butterknife and whack the flat back edge against the top corners of the lid, and it rattles it loose to be purloined by my greedy intents.

  3. This seems counterintuitive, but I first applied downward pressure and turned clockwise (close) as hard as I could. Then, I applied downward pressure and turned counterclockwise (open) and voila, it opened. Kirkland Signature Adult Gummies C 250 mg 180 gummies orange/green bottle.


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