Have You Watched Pen15 on Hulu?

(Photo by: Alex Lombardi/Hulu)

We all went through the awkward, stressful, hormonal years of middle school, right? While I have no desire to ever relive my early teenage years, I’ve been watching a hilarious show on Hulu called Pen15 that makes me cringe and laugh at the same time.

Pen15 stars two actresses in their 30s who play 13-year-olds among actual 13-year-old actors and actresses (it might sound weird, but it works due to a combination of acting, wigs, and prop braces). My impression is that the scripts are based on these actresses’ real friendship and stories that are both relatable and–at times–super weird in a very entertaining way.

I’m only 4 episodes into the series, and my favorite moment so far is Maya’s drum solo. There’s a lot more to come, though (including a new season in the spring), and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Have you seen Pen15? What’s your favorite comedy on TV or streaming right now?

One Response to “Have You Watched Pen15 on Hulu?”

  1. Adrian Brown says:

    Literally, your description caused me so much cringe that I couldn’t possibly see myself attempting to view this show, much less enjoy it.

    Also, why are we, as adults, still witnessing fellow adults try so hard to recapture/insert/assess/reaffirm/chooseanadverb the moments from childhood? Our lives now are infinitely more interesting, complex and engaging, why is our entertainment hell-bent on reliving events that have been significantly buried by time and knowledge? My high school experience was pretty awesome, but it is not a metric I use to gauge my life since then.

    This is also why I have never gotten on well with Manga or Anime. Far too much obsession with teenagers and their amazing transformations into…well, whatever the story calls for. I’m sorry, but I knew I didn’t know $#!t then, and I am unsurprised that modern teens don’t know $#!t now. It seems absurd to revere the period of my life where I was the least cognizant but the most confident.

    My two pennies.

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