What’s Your Favorite Desk Snack?

I was recently watching a vlog featuring author Brandon Sanderson, and one of the fun topics he discussed was his preferred desk snack (a treat he keeps at his writing desk). I think he said his current desk snack is either pumpkin or sunflower seeds, though he previously preferred pistachios in the shell.

At the time, I had no desk snack on hand, as my typical desk snack is chocolate, which doesn’t last long in these parts. But I happened to have a bag of unshelled pistachios in the pantry, so I added it to my desk for when I get the munchies. Though, to be honest, it hasn’t stopped me from making short trips to the kitchen for chocolate or popcorn.

Do you have a preferred desk snack, has it changed over time, and why do you like it on your desk (opposed to non-desk snacks)?

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Desk Snack?”

  1. If I could have any snack on hand it would be Brazil nuts, but their average market price usually drives me more towards regular old trail mix.

  2. I used to have a snackbox subscription from http://www.graze.com. They have various trailmix-style snackboxes with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dried beans, chocolate and mini-flapjacks. But the constant grazing did not leave me satisfied.
    As I have a sweet tooth I now have a piece of cake or scone waiting on my desk every other day for a 2nd brekkie (like a Hobbit) or afternoon mini-break. On these days I only have a light lunch though. My favourite at the moment is a maple-glazed pecan scone from GAIL’s, a London bakery chain.


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