Do You Drink Oat Milk?

For almost my entire life, I’ve had a glass of skim milk at dinner. It was a staple in my family, and I thought that it was an integral part of a healthy daily diet. Turns out that while there are healthy nutrients in milk, there’s also a lot of sugar, and there’s the negative … Read more

Have You Tried a Mobile Veterinarian?

I love most things about having 2 cats. Biddy and Walter have been the source of so much joy, snuggles, and memorable moments over the last 13 years. However, one of the few things about pet ownership that I’m not fond of is the dreaded visit to the veterinarian, mostly because they get incredibly anxious … Read more

Have You Watched “Game Changers”?

I watched a few movies this weekend, including The Hustle, Brittany Runs a Marathon, and The Aeronauts, but the one I’ll be thinking about–and acting on–for quite some time is a Netflix documentary called Game Changers. When a friend recommended Game Changers to me, presenting it as a film about the benefits of a plant-based … Read more

My Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

I’ll repeat this from last year, as it certainly held true in 2019: Please note that even though the list skews towards big, flashy action movies, I still really enjoy smaller, more intimate films. I may not get as excited about them in advance, but there’s a very good chance there are movies not on … Read more

Refrigerate After Opening? Really?

Last week, our refrigerator broke. Just stopped working. Hopefully it’s not a total loss, but we’ll find out when the repair company assesses it this week. We lost some perishable food (a few meat products) and a few dairy products, but fortunately we learned about the issue before anything got smelly. I ran out to … Read more

Are You Adopted Too?

39 years ago as of yesterday, I was granted the incredible gift of not just two, but four parents: Two biological parents who were no longer dating and just weren’t ready to raise a child, and two parents who chose me as their first child. I was 3 days old at the time, so I don’t remember … Read more