Did You Make a New Year’s Resolution This Year?

I confess that I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions.

It isn’t that I don’t want to improve. There are so many ways that I could be a better human being, for both my sake and the sake of others around me. I just don’t use January 1 as a time to do that–if there’s something I want to improve, I start to work on it.

However, despite the arbitrary nature of the calendar year, it’s a nice excuse to try something new. So when Megan recently mentioned that we need to stop buying sweets after a trip to Trader Joe’s, I proposed that we do just that.

As of January 1, we stopped buying sweets. Granted, there are some delightful loopholes in this resolution. We can’t buy sweets, but we can still acquire them through other means (gifts, baking, etc). Also, because we made the resolution before January 1, we bought a few treats before then that currently reside in our kitchen.

Also, it’s not necessarily a resolution for the entire year. It’s more like, “How long can we go without buying sweets?” I’m sure we’ll end up making exceptions along the way (birthdays, eating out, etc), but we’ll see how well we do.

Did you make a resolution this year? Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that worked out great?

2 Responses to “Did You Make a New Year’s Resolution This Year?”

  1. Joe Pilkus says:


    As I’ve done for many years, I use 1 Jan to calibrate life goals and set-forth resolutions which are both realistic and measurable. To that end, I have three, which focus on different aspects of my life:

    Physical: Lift weights 3x/week, improving my overall strength/fitness
    Mental: Develop Indonesian language (read, listen, and speak) skills
    Financial: Screen & Select 2-3 new clients for The Professor’s Lab


  2. Sara Fulton says:

    Nope – I stopped that nonsense a long time ago. I have a goal I’ve been working on since last year, but it’s a resolution that has nothing at all to do with Jan. 1st. Part of that goal is to reduce the stress in my life, so I don’t need the pressure of trying to make myself do (or not do) something else on Jan. 1st. Heck I didn’t even buy Christmas presents this year.

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