Have You Tried a Mobile Veterinarian?

I love most things about having 2 cats. Biddy and Walter have been the source of so much joy, snuggles, and memorable moments over the last 13 years.

However, one of the few things about pet ownership that I’m not fond of is the dreaded visit to the veterinarian, mostly because they get incredibly anxious and scared. Walter hyperventilated the last time I took him to the vet, and Biddy shakes uncontrollably the entire time. It’s painful to watch–I feel so badly for them.

So after moving the cats to the new condo a few months ago and remembering how much they despise any sort of transit, I pretty much decided that I wouldn’t take them to the vet anymore unless they really needed it. That lasted around 3 months…and then I dropped Biddy’s insulin bottle, and I had no choice but to see a vet to get a refill.

However, this time I decided to try something different: Instead of going to the vet, I’d have the vet come to me. There’s a company in St. Louis called Mobile Veterinary Services that does this.

The next day, a vet and her assistant simply arrived at my home with some equipment, performed checkups on both cats, gave me an insulin prescription refill, and headed on their way. It was super easy, and the cats were significantly less anxious than if I had taken them out of the house.

I really can’t stress enough how amazing it was. Absolutely night and day compared to a normal vet visit. And it’s not at all that a non-mobile vets are bad–it’s just so much easier on the animals for the vet to come to them.

If you have pets and have a service like this in your area, I’d highly recommend it. They can’t do everything, of course–no dental work or surgery–but they can cover 90% of the types of things you need from a vet.

Have you ever tried anything like this? What was your experience?

1 thought on “Have You Tried a Mobile Veterinarian?”

  1. I really should see if there are any in my neighborhood. I just finished a round of vet visits which were really rough. Our cat Peanut has been very sick for a while and not eating. The stress of the vet visit does not help. Maybe an in=home vet might be better.


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