My Top 3 Saturday Night Live Sketches of the Week (Adam Driver)

When Adam Driver last appeared on Saturday Night Live, he crushed it to the point that I started a new series on this blog about my favorite SNL sketches of the week. He returned this past week, and the result was no different: It was one of the best episodes of SNL I’ve seen in a while. Here are my favorite sketches:

Honorable mentions: Sleepover and The Science Room

3. Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now?

The original sketch with Driver as Kylo Ren in an episode of Undercover Boss is one of my favorites. This version isn’t quite at that level, but I still really enjoyed it.

2. Marrying Ketchups

This is a weird sketch…but I really like it.

1. Medieval Times

My favorite sketch of the week features Driver playing a Medieval Times actor who gets a little too into his character. I’ve never been to a Medieval Times restaurant, but if this is what it’s like, I absolutely must try it.

What was your favorite sketch this week?

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