Refrigerate After Opening? Really?

Last week, our refrigerator broke. Just stopped working. Hopefully it’s not a total loss, but we’ll find out when the repair company assesses it this week.

We lost some perishable food (a few meat products) and a few dairy products, but fortunately we learned about the issue before anything got smelly. I ran out to the store and bought a mini fridge–it would be difficult to go without a fridge for several weeks.

The mini fridge is, well, mini. Not a lot fits in it. So we left a bunch of sauces in the original fridge.

That brings me to today’s post. A lot of these sauces have “refrigerate after opening” warnings on their labels. But…is that a precautionary measure, or is it, “You will immediately feel terrible about your decisions if you eat this after not refrigerating”?

I’m going to post photos of these sauces below. Are there any that you think I should definitely throw away? And any you think I’m definitely fine to use again in the future?

6 thoughts on “Refrigerate After Opening? Really?”

  1. You should be cool with soy and coconut oil. I never refrigerate either. Same with Lea and Perrins. cant vouch for others. I think its personal tolerance if it looks ok and smells ok and tastes ok. But I am frugal and others have greater standards.

  2. My rule of thumb is that anything vinegary or salty should be fine. There’s likely enough acidity in there to keep it from going bad too quickly.

    However, sugary or sweet items, like the BBQ sauce, should be watched closely. They are much more likely to become breeding grounds for bacteria.

    • Yes I concur with Katie in her analysis. You can often see the mold on the BBQ sauce.

      All this being said, are you also familiar with what all the different phrases mean – like the difference between best by and use by? I am sure there is a guide somewhere. I do the food bank a lot so I can verify most food is fine up to a point.

      Also in the decision tree is the cost of the condiment…something pricey I will hang on to the most, but just like your game collection, at some time you have to be honest with yourself about aspirational purchases that are just not going to make the table.

      Or for me, right now, the sausage I feel guilty throwing out because it came in 2018’s Christmas basket…I saw it…and it got another stay of execution, but typing these words might give me the emotional courage to go throw it our next time I see it. Like you really thought I was going to get up in the moment?


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