What Is the Ideal Number of Clocks per Room?

I love clocks.

Specifically, I’ve discovered that I greatly prefer having a clock in every room of my home. I accomplished this without really thinking about it at my old condo, and now at my new place it has been a point of discussion between Megan and me.

From my perspective, I always want to be able to know the time at a glance. Knowing the current time is both practical (it helps me stay on schedule) and somehow soothing. There’s something reassuring and calming to me about knowing the time.

I also respect Megan’s point of view: We carry around mobile clocks (our phones) all the time, so are a dozen wall clocks really necessary? And is there really a significant advantage/purpose to knowing the time every minute of the day?

Currently, out of the 6 rooms in our condo in which I would like there to be clocks, 4 of them actually have clocks.  To be clear, I want a clock in every room, including closets and bathrooms. Even as I write that, I know it’s too much…but I just really like to know the time.

What’s your preference for clocks? In which rooms do they belong and which rooms do you prefer to remain clock-free? If you like clocks as much as I do, can you pinpoint why?

13 thoughts on “What Is the Ideal Number of Clocks per Room?”

  1. i thought you were going for more than one clock per room based on the title. also the answer is every room. i should never not be able to figure out the time.

  2. I have a clock in every room except the bathrooms. So two in the kitchen, one in the living room/dining area, one on the steps/ hallway and one in each bedroom. And none in my closets. So 6 clocks in a 2 bedroom apartment 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Interesting! We only own one clock but admittedly it’s for aesthetics over function, as the nearby stove and microwave double as time telling devices. I like the mentality of not always feeling the need to track time, but having my phone around when I do want to know. When my husband (who has ADD) visits a home with any but especially more than one ticking clock, it’s a huge challenge for his brain. He hears them from way farther away than I would. Not that you need to accommodate that, just interesting what matters to people!

  4. We really don’t have any clocks outside the microwave and one shower clock. Usually a phone is nearby if you need to check, but I am an avid alarm/timer setter. Rarely during the day is there a time where there isn’t something set upcoming. Work, hobby, break wise this works well for me as I can focus in and wait for the cue that I need to wrap up and then move onto something else, attend a meeting, etc.

    I also have smart home voice activated devices in most rooms (often used for voice activated timer setting!), so even if I’m in the middle of something I can get the time with a quick ask.

    This habit started first with the bedroom many years ago where I realized glancing at the clock and stressing about how much time I had left to sleep wasn’t helping. Removing the traditional alarm for a cell phone alarm far enough away that I couldn’t easily glance improved my sleep patterns so I tried to apply it elsewhere.

  5. I’m fortunate to have an internal clock with which I’m able to “discern the time within 3 minutes at any point in the day. Having said that, I too, appreciate having a clock nearby (maybe not every room), but I also live in a open-floor townhouse where the one clock can be seen from anywhere on the floor.

  6. #teamclockineveryroom though I can see M’s perspective, I need one everywhere, just yeah, for security, for catching the bus, for when I space out. I currently do not have one in the bathroom, cause I do not spend a lot of time in there, but I totally have had one in there when I was working daily. yeah you have your phone, but the point I would argue to M, is I dont want to engage with my phone every time I want to check the time, less phone engagement, better??? all this being said, the clocks need to look good, make sense in their placement, and function flawlessly.

  7. We have access to a clock visually due to open plan, but there is not one in the game room! I do have the dinger bell which I have in the past been known to pull out in a humorous fashion for AP. Sometimes I need it for my AP. Just give me the ding…

  8. I currently have a clock in my bedroom and the living room. I have the stove and microwave for the kitchen. The only other place that I need one in is in my game room. I am currently looking for one for in there that fits the theme of the room. I don’t feel it is necessary to have one in the guest bedroom because I don’t spend time there and I don’t have on in my office as the only time I am in there is for using my computer and the time is on my computer. I don’t feel that it is necessary to have knowledge of the time at all times so I have plenty of clocks in my opinion. I am with Megan on this one.

  9. Interesting that you point this out! Knowing your fixation on clocks, one of my favorite pastimes has been slightly altering the time on your bathroom clock whenever I’d go in there. It always just made me snicker a little to myself.

  10. But… what about a watch? Then you have the time even in the hallway or if you aren’t facing the wall with a clock.

    I don’t own a wall clock but I do have a watch on all the time. One watch seems more economical than so many clocks and covers you when you aren’t at home too! 🙂 I use the Apple Watch which I have found is great because I can set what alerts do or don’t come through to my watch. Such as alarms I set to remind me of an appointment… having them sent through to my watch makes certain I don’t miss it even if my phone is on the charger or something. The Apple Watch will also remind you to stand up if you haven’t in more than a certain period of time. If you have a standing desk that isn’t an issue probably but I don’t have one and if I’m not reminded I may go most of the day without standing up. 😛

    But to the point, I always have the time.


      • I could see Jamey starting the pocket watch on a chain trend in 2020 or better yet a Flavor Flav type clock on a chain around your neck. Not good for rock climbing though.


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