Congratulations to the 49ers for Winning the Super Bowl! (unless they didn’t)

I’m writing this 30 minutes before kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday, because by the time the game is over, I’ll be tired and won’t want to write a blog entry. So I’m going to take a gamble and hope that my team, the 49ers, pull out a Super Bowl victory.

And if they don’t win, that’s fine too–hopefully it was an entertaining game with some fun commercials and good food.

I rarely read predictions for sporting events; I enjoy recaps after the game is over, but up until then, everything is hypothetical. However, given that this will be published after the game (or near the very end), here’s what I think will have happened:

  • I think the 49ers will have a strong first half, scoring a few touchdowns from their running game and a turnover. Meanwhile, Mahommes and company will stumble out of the gate a bit but will have one big play and a field goal. Halftime score: 17 (49ers) – 10 (Chiefs)
  • As the Chiefs do, I think they’ll spread the ball around and score 3 touchdowns in the second half. However, the 49ers aren’t going to let up. The running game will continue, and Garoppolo will show that he’s actually quite good, and he’ll throw a few touchdown passes of his own. Final score: 45 (49ers) – 38 (Chiefs)

Or maybe something completely different has happened. You know by now, but I’m in the past.

What was your prediction, and how did it turn out?

[UPDATE: My post was successful in demonstrating that recaps are better than predictions! The Chiefs won 31-20 in a largely entertaining game (though the Niners didn’t do anything in the final quarter.)]

2 Responses to “Congratulations to the 49ers for Winning the Super Bowl! (unless they didn’t)”

  1. Jacob Thomas says:

    You’re a Niners fan?!? Awesome!!

    Superbowl was certainly disappointing but I have high hopes for next season, especially with how much they were able to turn things around from last year.

    What other sports are you interested in Jamey?

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      I agree! Next season should be great. I also follow soccer (mostly EPL and Champions League, as well as men’s and womens’ World Cups), college football, college and professional basketball, and fantasy baseball.

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