How Excited Are You About the All-Winners Season of Survivor?

One of my favorite television competitions, Survivor, is entering its 40th season this Wednesday. For the first time, every contestant will be a returning player, and not just any returning player: They’re all past winners.

I’m beyond myself with excitement. The best of the best are competing to be crowned the #1 survivor of all time. I have no idea how it’s going to play out. Will contestants use alliances created before the show? Who will be the first person to be voted out? Will survivors use their original strategies or try something new? What twists will Jeff Probst throw at them?

I really only know what we learned at last season’s finale: That there are 20 returning winners, the grand prize is $2 million, and they’re using redemption island again. That last part makes sense: No one wants to be the first winner voted out, so at least they have a chance to return to the game later.

So who do I think will win? I honestly don’t know how the dynamics will work out among these amazing competitors. Also, despite having watched 38 out of the 39 seasons of Survivor, I don’t remember all of these people. I recall Yul being really good in every element of the game, and Sandra–despite already having won twice–somehow has a way of surviving one more day until she’s the only one left. Those are my initial picks.

Are you going to watch this season? Who are you picking and why?

2 thoughts on “How Excited Are You About the All-Winners Season of Survivor?”

  1. Really excited for it as well! I’ve always enjoyed the seasons with returning players so this one should be no exception. I feel like famous returnees like Sandra, Boston Rob (especially since Amber is there as well) and Parvati will be easy targets for early votes but I look forward to be surprised!


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