What Are Your Thoughts on Locke & Key?

It may seem from these blog posts that all Megan and I do is watch Netflix shows, but I promise we do other things too!

That said, when we finished Dark last week, we were curious about the Locke & Key, so we jumped right in. The premise is that a family movies into a house with a bunch of hidden, magical keys. They slowly discover the keys and unlock a series of mysteries, including an eminent threat. Along the way there’s a dose of high school drama.

I enjoyed it on almost every level. Hidden treasures? Yes! Magic? Awesome! High school in a form completely unrecognizable to my high school? Sweet! Fresh writing that rarely seems derivative? I’m in!

So, in short, I high recommend it.

My one wish/criticism is that I would be perfectly happy watching multiple episodes of the show where the kids search for and play with the keys without any looming threat. The show already demonstrates that there are forms of tension that don’t require a villain, and I’d like to see more of that. But I’ll gladly watch season 2 when it’s ready, and I may delve into the graphic novels.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think? Which of the keys is your favorite? I think I’d most enjoy the incorporeal key, as I’d really like to fly around for a while.

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