What Did You Think of the Good Place Finale?

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As Megan and I sat down to watch the finale of The Good Place, I positioned a box of tissues where we could both reach it. Given the tone of this season, our attachment to the characters, and the wholesome nature of the show, I just had a feeling we might be needing them.

I was right. Though it didn’t wreck us, as it did what The Good Place does so well: It mixed humor, philosophy, playfulness, and heart into a nearly perfect show (for me). And the entire time, it was somehow a show about the afterlife without being offensive to any specific religion or religions as a whole.

I’m not sure if this was the intention, but I like how the final episode delved into the topic of euthanasia without really being about euthanasia. I also really liked the show’s version of heaven. If there actually is a good place after we die, I hope it’s the infinite playground described in the show. I think I might spend some time inhabiting some of the fictional worlds I’ve loved reading about and watching over the course of my life.

The moment that most got to me was when Jason popped out of the forest, having waited for eons to give Janet the necklace he thought he lost. It was both funny and incredibly touching that he waited for her (and that he waited for his specific Janet, and that he could tell the difference between her and the others).

I love when a show ends well!

Did you have a moment that gave you the feels in the finale?

2 thoughts on “What Did You Think of the Good Place Finale?”

  1. I thought it was one of the best finales (and shows) I’ve ever seen. Like you mentioned, had the right amount of humor, substance, and great acting. Sad to see it go soon, but glad it was on their terms

    • Also, to answer your question when chidi said originally he wouldn’t leave because elanor started crying. Had both me and my wife going


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