Which of These Shows Should We Watch Next?

Megan and I have settled into a bit of a television pattern: At lunch (we both work from home), we watch a short comedy (the best of which seem to be in increasingly short supply–why are you ending, Fresh Off the Boat?!). At dinner, we watch a longer, usually more serious show. The Witcher, Dark, and Locke & Key are some examples of such shows.

But we’ve reached an impasse–we don’t have a firm pick for our next dinner show. We do, however, have a few options that we’re both intrigued by based on limited information. They are all HBO shows:

  • Sharp Objects: I adore Amy Adams, and I’ve heard good things about this family drama.
  • Big Little Lies: I know very little about this show, though I heard good buzz about it a while ago.
  • Six Feet Under: This is an older show about a family who runs a funeral home, but I’ve heard great things about it.

We also have Amazon Prime and Disney+ in case there are any great series available there that we haven’t watched.

What do you think we should watch next? Feel free to vote below and/or comment with your reasons and other suggestions.

14 thoughts on “Which of These Shows Should We Watch Next?”

  1. You poll is messed up. I voted for Big Little Lies and it came up with Sharp Objects. I then clicked on Six Feet Under and it showed up Big Little Lies. Any which way, I loved both Bog Little Lies and Six Feet Under. Another option to consider if you haven’t seen it yet is You on Netflix .

  2. Sharp Objects should definitely be the next one – it’s absolutely fantastic. With Big Little Lies being a close 2nd. I unfortunately don’t know much about Six Feet Under. Along the same(ish) lines of Sharp Objects and Big Little Lies (mystery/creepy shows on HBO) I’d recommend The Outsider which is currently airing!

  3. I’ve also heard great things about Six Feet Under and will watch it someday. Big Little Lies is fantastic and got my vote. Sharp Objects – my hubby says it’s good, super intense and super dark. And we like intense and dark, so for him to say that means it’s legit 🙂

  4. Catastrophe on Prime is comedy about an American/British couple living in London. Prepare for a lot of swearing but that’s how they talk here.

      • Dropping a 3rd vote for Catastrophe for your lunchtime show. It does have some serious moments, but it’s also absolutely hilarious.

        I’ve seen all 3 shows listed in the poll, and they’re all excellent. Big Little Lies gets my vote to watch first. The first season is amazing, the second less so, but still worth watching.

        Six Feet Under is weird and unique and also an excellent watch. I liked Sharp Objects as well, but it is very dark.

      • If you watch Catastrophe and enjoy it, be sure to queue up Fleabag next. Although it has some heartbreaking moments and a high level of vulgarity (the very first scene will test if you can handle it or not), it’s a really great show. The first season was dynamite, but the second season was something truly spectacular. She has no plans to make another season, but it ended on such a pitch perfect note that I think it’s the right call, no matter how many more episodes I wish I could watch!

    • It’s worth noting, that all of these have at least a few moments of gruesome, in case you want something less intense.

      BUT, all have such wonderful characters that I will eventually watch them a 2nd time.

  5. We haven’t seen the other two yet, but we really enjoyed Six Feet Under. At the time, I remember thinking that the series finale episode was probably the most powerful hour of scripted television I had ever seen.


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