If You Wear Patterned Clothing, What Impacts Your Daily Decision?

Okay, so this post is mostly about underwear, but other clothing applies too.

Last year I discovered the joy of MeUndies, a company that makes really comfortable underwear adorned with fun patterns. I started out with an octopus-themed boxer briefs, and now I have at least 5 pairs (including several Star Wars designs).

So every morning I’m faced with a brief conundrum (pun intended!): Do I wear one of my plain–but comfy–bamboo fiber boxer briefs, or do I go with a fun pattern (and if so, which one)?

I’m guessing that people either (a) don’t think about it or (b) base it on one or several of the following factors:

  • how you feel
  • how you want to feel
  • what you’re doing that day

For me, it’s mostly the last option. I think about what I’m doing that day, and if I have a print that loosely matches, I go with it. If not, I may pick one based on how I’m feeling, or I’ll just go with a plain pair.

What about you? Feel free to answer in regards to any type of clothing you’re comfortable discussing.

1 thought on “If You Wear Patterned Clothing, What Impacts Your Daily Decision?”

  1. This has always sounded crazy to me in my own head, but I find myself feeling compelled to choose underwear that matches the clothes I’m wearing (generally) in terms of colors.

    Outside of the underwear realm, I definitely do the same with patterned socks. I find it to be one of life’s small pleasures to choose socks that go with the shirt I’m wearing.


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