My 2 Favorite Things About Frozen 2

When Disney+ made Frozen 2 available a little early this weekend, Megan and I jumped at the chance to watch it. Well, “jumped” may be a strong word. More like we settled into the couch for a quiet evening.

While it’s definitely a musical geared towards kids, a lot of talented people worked to make Frozen 2 entertaining and beautiful for all audiences. I enjoyed it, and there were two elements in particular that I loved:

  1. Kristoff’s 80s-style power ballad: This is an overgeneralized statement, but many songs in musicals sound the same to me, especially Disney musicals. They’re all kind of the same generic type of music, and they’re choreographed similarly. So when Kristoff’s song starts with an electric guitar riff and a split-screen reminiscent of old karaoke videos, I WAS IN. The song only gets better from there.
  2. There’s no active villain: In my opinion, there are way too many Disney movies–and movies in general–that feature a villain who is evil for evil’s sake. The best villains are much more nuanced, like how Thanos does terrible things because he truly believes he’ll make the universe a better place. So I loved that Frozen 2 doesn’t have a villain who is actively antagonizing the main characters. Instead, the villainous act happened year ago, and Elsa, Anna, and the others are trying to mend what has already been broken. I don’t think this works for every movie, but I really appreciate that Disney is willing to change the formula.

What did you think about Frozen 2? Did you like the power ballad and the lack of an active villain?

4 thoughts on “My 2 Favorite Things About Frozen 2”

  1. I just saw this on Sunday (in the theater, not on Disney+, I didn’t realize it was live already), and I noticed the 80s music video style of that song in particular, and maybe others too. I didn’t care for it that much.

    The movie was fine. I think I got more enjoyment out of watching things like Screen Rant’s pitch meeting video for the movie ( and Jenny Nicholson’s Script Doctor video (

    I agree that the lack of a specific villain antagonizing the characters was a nice change of pace.

  2. Agree on #1. Took my kids to see it in the theatre and this was my favourite part. The cheesy music video style was perfect!

  3. The throw away line near the end.
    Kristof is all dressed up, and says “This is only gonna last an hour”
    Anna replies with “That’s okay, I prefer you in leather anyway.”

  4. I really loved the 80’s ballad. It was such a nod to all the parents in the theater. I especially like the Weezer version of the song.

    I like your point on villains and I think Frozen #1 didn’t have a villain who was evil for evil’s sake either. The Hans character was more of an opportunist, and he clearly had a motive to seek rule after being stuck 9th in line in his family whatever the story was.

    I especially appreciate that the princesses in these stories don’t need to be ‘saved’.


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