What Is Your Favorite VR Game?

I’m VERY new to virtual reality games, but I think I’ve found an early contender for my favorite.

Prior to my recent discovery, the two VR games I’d played were Beat Saber and a spellcasting game. Beat Saber is great–you stand in one place and slash incoming blocks with lightsabers while dancing to a variety of fun music. I’m just really bad at it. And the spellcasting game was fun…well, the spellcasting part, at least. Anything involving walking around a 3D space just didn’t work well.

That brings me to BOXVR, which we’ve been playing on our Oculus Quest. Essentially it’s Beat Saber with boxing instead of lightsabers. You stand in one place as blobs of light float towards you, and you try to punch them.

I’m not sure why I like it more than Beat Saber, but there’s something very satisfying to me about feeling like a boxer (without actually having to punch and be punched). Plus, it’s a fantastic workout–the game tracks the calories you’re burning in real time.

What is your favorite VR game?

6 Responses to “What Is Your Favorite VR Game?”

  1. Brent Keath says:

    My wife and I recently got a Quest and I use it every night for exercise as well. My favorite game right now is probably Superhot. There are just so many modes. I can play endless if I’m feeling strategic, or real time of I want a cardio workout, etc. And it just feel awesome to be in the Matrix. For exercise I like Thrill of the Fight the best. I have never played BoxVR, but Thrill of the Fight feels like real boxing to me (and was only $10 compared to $30, which was its biggest selling point to me).

  2. Joe Pilkus says:


    I played that light saber game and I was dreadful, but apparently quite entertaining to everyone not wearing the VR equipment.


  3. Boris says:

    Moss – the art feels like Andrew Bosley
    Pistol Whip – rhythm game like Beat Saber but you are shooting with pistols and dodging bullets
    Vader Immortal – if you are a fan of the Star Wars saga

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Thanks Boris! Megan is looking at Moss, and I think we’ll try it. And yes, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. šŸ™‚

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