Have You Read “The Rage of Dragons” or “The Ninth House”?

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about what I’ve watching, but I’ve also been reading some great books.

I just finished The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter last night, and I absolutely loved it! It’s kind of like a fantasy version of Ender’s Game, except the protagonist’s abilities are earned instead of bestowed upon him. There’s also hints of Gladiator and the Stormlight Archives. I can’t discuss my two favorite elements of the book, as they’re spoilers, but I highly recommend it.

The Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, one of my favorite authors, was the previous book I read. I love campus novels, and the elements of magic and secret societies in this book made it even more of a page-turner. Bardugo is a master of hinting at and revealing information at just the right time–she constantly tantalizes you with what you don’t know and what you’ll soon learn (and she rewards you every time).

Have you read these books or any others lately that you’d recommend?

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