Have You Read the Sci-Fi Book “Providence”?

Over 20 years ago, a friend handed me a tattered copy of a book. “Read this,” he said, “then pass it along to someone else tomorrow when you finish it.”

The book was Syrup by Max Barry. As my friend predicted, I read it in one sitting and was eager to share it with someone.

I haven’t read every Max Barry book since then, but I’m always intrigued when I hear about a new one. Providence, his latest release, looked like a juicy dive into sci-fi, so I queued up a Kindle sample.

Within 5 pages, I was hooked. I’m going to tell you why below, along with the general idea of the book, so if you already know you’re going to read the book, get out of here.

The first few pages of the book reveal the moment of first contact to the reader. The aliens are creepy and aggressive, and each of them spit tiny black holes as their primary weapon.

Honestly, that was enough for me to keep reading. How cool is that?! The rest of the book is about humankind’s response to the aliens. It follows the 4 humans who launch into space in a 3-mile spaceship controlled by incredibly advanced AI.

I don’t want to say anything else, other than it’s a quick page-turned that I’ve continued to think about days after finishing it. I highly recommend Providence.

What’s the last page-turner you finished?

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