How Do You Eat Your Cereal?

The other day Megan found a funny video of a “cereal expert” explaining in great length the correct way to eat cereal. It prompted a discussion about how each of us eat cereal (something we rarely do–I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day), so I thought I’d share how I eat cereal, and I’m interested to hear your method.

My cereal-eating method is largely defined by rules imposed by my parents when I was growing up. We were allowed to eat sweet cereal, but only a small amount on top of healthy cereal (like Cheerios). My father often combined peanut butter with his cereal, and I eventually grew to like this.

So when I picture an ideal bowl of cereal, it’s typically Cheerios with chunks of peanut butter, topped with a thin layer of sweet cereal (Reese’s Puffs). I also love homemade granola–my mom makes a really delicious version of it.

As for milk, I drank skim milk for most of my life, though I’ve recently converted to oat milk. I like to put just enough milk in the bowl so each bite isn’t too dry, but not so much that I have more than a spoonful remaining at the bottom of the bowl.

That’s pretty much it! What’s your perfect bowl of cereal?

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I never ate two different combined cereals in my life until last week when we tried some Fiber One with Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top. I thought it was 90% as good as Cinnamon Toast Crunch alone, and has to be way better for you. So I think that will be our new cereal thing. I also want no milk left over. I can’t handle the waste so if I miscalculate I am compelled to eat more cereal to finish it off.

  2. Seth Jaffee says:

    Very interesting to hear!

    Cheerios have always been my favorite, and when I was a kid I would eat a ton of it (with milk).

    When we were out of milk, my sister and I would eat it with peanut butter instead. I don’t know where we got that idea, we just did it.

    Decades later, after college, I had some Cheerios but no milk, and I returned to my childhood days- this time microwaving a bowl with a little PB in it, then adding Cheerios, and it made a great snack for a cold night.

    Now I regularly eat Cheerios much like you described. I skip the microwave, but I eat Cheerios and peanut butter, and now I use a little almond milk as well.

    I didn’t think anybody else did that, so I was amused to hear that, aside from the sweet cereal (which I never cared much for) on top, you and I eat cereal the same exact way!

  3. Frank Hamrick says:

    For me, it’s Life Cereal every morning with just enough almond milk to fill the cereal about halfway. (Half of the serving standing above the milk line).

  4. Sara says:

    Mom wouldn’t let us eat anything sweet like Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, etc. Since her father was a General Mills executive, we were allowed to eat Cheerios. She also let us eat King Vitamin even though it wasn’t by GM. I have never liked milk and have always preferred my cereal dry. I can stand just enough milk to moisten it, but would never have cereal floating in milk.

    Today if I really want to have boxed cereal, which isn’t often, I will swipe a handful or two of my husband’s cereal. Normally I’ll make myself some steel cut oats (toasted first – YUM) or regular oatmeal if I’m short on time. I put a handful of dried cranberries, chopped toasted walnuts, cinnamon, and a little brown sugar or honey. I love it, and it’s made my fasting glucose level go down a few points.

  5. Joe Pilkus says:

    As a fellow-daily oatmeal eater, I enjoy my breakfast kind of dry…just enough milk in either oatmeal or cereal, plus slivered cashews and some real maple syrup for sweetness.

  6. Woody Hutsell says:

    I eat oatmeal daily with a scoop of protein powder, some Justin’s hazlenut spread, a banana, blueberries and raspberries. I am totally addicted and very nearly could eat it for every meal.

    I still find a way to eat cereal for a snack every few days and have been mixing cheerios, Kashi Kids Cinnamon, and golden grahams. I vary between protein drinks and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I had not stumbled upon the mixing cereals until I needed to better control sugar or salt to get the right balance.

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