I Wish I’d Been Doing This for Years on Facebook

For years now, I’ve hardly posted anything on my personal Facebook feed. I use Facebook all the time (especially for business), but posting content on my feed felt odd. The best way I can describe it is that Facebook posts felt too much like announcements, but I have this blog for such things. And for smaller, fun, fleeting moments, I have Twitter and Instagram.

However, I decided to try something new last fall. I wanted a way to share the highlights of my month with people on Facebook. This is partially for them–Facebook is how many of us stay in touch with each other–but it’s also for me, as a I want a way to look back on each month in a condensed, visual format.

So for around 6 months now, I’ve posted an album of photos on Facebook, each with captions describing why I chose the photo and the relevance it has to that particular month. I posted the most recent album today, and as the upload started, I kind of sighed and thought, “I wish I’d been doing this for years.”

Yes, I could go back and create albums for previous months, but I think something is lost when the moment has passed. These albums are a way for me to revisit Jamey from the past (and Biddy and Walter and Megan and other people in my life). I’m grateful for the photos on my phone, but they don’t have timely captions like the photos in the Facebook albums.

I’m sharing this with you in case it’s something you want to try. It’s easy to start–simply scroll through the photos you took in March, pick 10-20 that represent meaningful, timely moments to you, and create an album on Facebook, captioning each photo with a description of what makes it special. I bet you’ll be surprised by how people respond to it and how nice it is to look back on that month later this year or next year.

Or, if you have a completely different way of sharing and remembering your life, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. For nearly 20 years, starting in 1995-1996, my wife at the time and I published what we called the Pilkus Press…this was in the nascent days of the Internet, so we kept it alive for more than a decade and even after my divorce, I kept the Pilkus Press for my daughter and me while my ex- and my daughter had the Girls’ Gazette. We had articles and pictures from the year that just ended. We sent it out (yes, we used to mail it) in January..glossy, 4-pager, created in MS Publisher. Now, with friends and family all over the country and around the world, the ubiquity of Facebook, and our ever-changing lives, it’s easier for me to simply post every so often of what I’m up to with friends and/or family. Given my government work and military affiliation, you’ll never see me post (or react) to political posts of any kind…my posts include my girlfriend, board games, and food. If you ever see anything else, I’ve been compromised 🙂


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