My 3 Favorite SNL-from-Home Sketches

Saturday Night Live did something unprecedented (for them) this week: The entire show was filmed at each of the homes of the cast members, primarily using their webcams. It was edited in advance, so I don’t think any of it was actually “live,” but I’m incredibly impressed by how they found a way to create the show without ever sharing the same stage with each other.

Here are my 3 favorite sketches from this week:

Sport Report: Without any sports to commentate on, this reporter invents some competitions at home. I love the popcorn one the most.

Zoom Call: When 6 employees video-conference for the first time, some things are bound to go wrong.

Tom Hanks Monologue: I don’t know about you, but I panicked when Tom Hanks was diagnosed with the coronavirus. He’s a national treasure! So it was reassuring to have him perform the monologue.

SNL is far from the only show innovating right now (though I was the most impressed by what they pulled off yesterday). I’ve also been enjoying The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight. Which of your shows have managed to produce content despite production limitations?

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