Have You Seen “Dead to Me”?

A few weeks ago when I mentioned that I was looking for some television recommendations, several people suggested Netflix’s “Dead to Me.” We had just finished watching Six Feet Under, so I was curious about another show’s perspective on death and grieving.

Megan had already watched season 1, so we just watched the season 1 finale and then jumped into season 2. We finished the tenth episode last night, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

To a certain extent, Dead to Me defies description. It’s part soap opera, part comedy, and part family drama. At 30-35 minutes per episode, it wouldn’t even work on network television, which features either 22-minute shows (half hour) or 44-minute shows (1 hour). But Netflix doesn’t care about the exact length of their shows.

My favorite part of the show, though, is the friendship at the heart of it between Jen and Judy. While they go through a number of trials and tribulations, they genuinely care for each other. It’s one of the most loving friendships I’ve seen in any television show or movie, and scene after scene passes the Bechdel test:

  1. The movie/show has to have at least two women in it,
  2. who talk to each other,
  3. about something other than a man.

I’d highly recommend Dead to Me, and it’s going to be weird going back to Succession for season 2 (Succession is fascinating, but nearly every relationship in it is vile and manipulative). Fortunately we’re still working our way through Kim’s Convenience, which continues to be as heartfelt as it is funny.

6 thoughts on “Have You Seen “Dead to Me”?”

  1. Actually, I hadn’t seen it, but it has been recommended by several friends. I’m also fascinated by the Bechdel test as my daughter just graduated with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in the Performing Arts. I’ll have a long discussion about this with her while she’s home.

  2. Hello Jamey.
    I will look into it.. But the reason I posted was: How amazing was SIX FEET UNDER! The character development, the humor, the surprises…. but the most amazing 10 minutes of TV i have ever seen was the ending. Wow….that was one of the saddest and best moments I ever had, watching a screen…

    We played two games of Wingspan yesterday night.. 😉

    All the best from Amsterdam,


    • We really enjoyed Six Feet Under! 🙂 I did like the flash-forward element of the end. Have you seen the finale of Parks & Rec?

      • No, I have never seen it actually. Just checked it, but doubt if it is my style. Its not comparable to six feet under, right? It seems more quirky humor.. Great actors though

        • It’s a completely different show, but the finale is very different–it jumps forward in time for each character (and it’s the whole episode, not just a few minutes).


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