Do You Prefer Cooking Shows with Surprises or Advance Notice for the Contestants?

Megan and I recently tried out a cooking show called Crazy Delicious. It was a little too quirky for my tastes, but I noticed something it had in common with The Great British Bake-Off: For at least one of the challenges, the contestants knew what the challenge was in advance and could prepare for it.

This is notably different than some other cooking shows I’ve enjoyed, like Nailed It, Final Table, and Top Chef. Each of those shows features an element of surprise: From one challenge to the next, contestants are surprised by the nature of the challenges, the ingredients, and more.

I’m torn by which method I like more (or if perhaps I like a mix of both, as seen in The Great British Bake-Off). I lean towards the element of surprise, as it makes for good TV. At the same time, if you’re measuring who is the better chef, most chefs test a variety of different versions of every dish before deciding which version is best.

So I think I’m going to say that I prefer a mix of both. What about you? Do you have a favorite cooking show?

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