My Top 10 Favorite Games (as of August 2020)

Every six months I update my top 10 favorite tabletop games list. Creating the current list was interesting, considering that the games I’ve played over the last six months are largely limited to games played over Zoom, Board Game Arena, or in person with Megan. Teachability, learnability, setup, and fun all play a role in my gaming preferences.

There are many great games from other publishers that won’t make the list even though I’m fond of them; rather, the list focuses on the games I’m most excited to play now (and I see that trend continuing in the future). Also Stonemaier Games products aren’t eligible due to extreme bias on my part.

The previous list is here. As for the new list, I revealed my selections and honorable mentions in a video earlier today (at the bottom of this post), so I’ll keep the written descriptions succinct.

Honorable mentions: Sagrada, Air, Land, and Sea, Clans of Caledonia, The Crew, Lords of Waterdeep, Watergate, Cartographers, and Can’t Stop.

10. Architects of the West Kingdom: 1-5 player worker-placement, resource-gathering game

9. Russian Railroads: 1-4 player worker-placement, engine-building game

8. Libertalia: 2-6 player simultaneous role-selection game

7. Just One and Incan Gold: two completely different games (cooperative and competitive) that play really well over Zoom

6. Terra Mystica: 1-5 player heavy game with asymmetric factions and fun player mats

5. Glen More 2: Chronicles: 1-4 player one-way time track, tile placement game

4. Tzolk’in: 2-4 players (5 with expansion); heavy Euro game; uses time as a resource via gears on the board, various elements of progression

3. Azul Summer Pavilion: 2-4 player token-drafting game

2. Shards of Infinity: 2-4 player (best at 2) dueling, deck-building game; can be played cooperatively with the excellent Shadow of Salvation expansion

1. 7 Wonders Duel and 7 Wonders: two very different versions of a drafting game, one for 2 players and the other scaling up to 7 players (and plays very quickly on Board Game Arena)

What are a few of your favorite games that you’ve played over the last 6 months?

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Games (as of August 2020)”

  1. Great list! Many of these are in my wife and I’d list as well. Shards of Infinity is currently my favorite deck builder (although I really like how customizable Hero Realms is with the expansions too). Just One is also one of our go to favorites although we have somehow never tried it through Zoom. We usually use Jackbox games or Tabletop Simulator for Zoom game sessions.


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