What Are Your Thoughts on the Snyder Cut of The Justice League Movie?

Some context, as well as I understand: In early 2017 when Justice League director Zach Snyder was working on post-production and editing of the movie, tragedy struck his family (his daughter died). Snyder left the movie to focus on his family, and Joss Whedon took over the process (which included re-writes and re-shoots).

The result, in my opinion, was a perfectly fine movie. I didn’t love it, and I found it largely forgettable, but I had fun watching it on the big screen.

Like perhaps most comic-book movie fans, I figured that was the end of the movie, and I looked forward to future stand alone films (like Aquaman, which was released in 2018, and Wonder Woman 1984).

But then, a twist!

Snyder worked out a deal with DC and HBO to rework the Justice League movie using the extensive amount of footage he filmed for the original (new script, edits, and special effects, but no re-shoots). The movie will air on HBO Max sometime next year, and it’s rumored to run around 4 hours. The first trailer is below.

I’m mostly very excited about this. Part of it is the sheer novelty of the situation: Yes, there are directors cuts of other movies, but usually they’re planned from the beginning and included in the DVD release. To completely rewrite a movie isn’t something I’m familiar with.

I’m also happy that Snyder has this opportunity, especially after the devastating personal loss (and a lesser but still big loss of having to leave a movie on which he had spent so much time, energy, and creativity).

As a movie fan in general, I’m also just excited to see a new (and hopefully improved) version of the Justice League. I’d love for it to be epic and memorable.

All of that said, I’m a little concerned about a few things. One is that Snyder has reportedly never seen the first version of the movie (people close to him have advised him not to). I kind of understand that, but surely there’s something he can learn from that version. Also, the estimated 4-hour run time worries me. Most long directors cuts I’ve seen have a sense of indulgence to them–like, there’s usually a good reason the extra material was cut in the first place. That goes for any work of fiction (including my line of work, board game design and publishing).

However, I will definitely watch this movie when it arrives on HBO Max, and I have high hopes and low expectations. I wish Snyder and his team the best as they try to craft the best possible Justice League film.

2 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts on the Snyder Cut of The Justice League Movie?”

  1. I’d like to know what actually happened between Whedon and Snyder. Too few public details so far. It’s a bit weird and uncommon to see that level of production conflict in public.

    For me the details of the conflict are more interesting than the film itself.

    Also it could be interesting to extrapolate the situation to the board games industry. Is it possible to have the same conflict here? Different designers bringing different versions of the same game, one re-making the work of another? Is seems not.


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