Which Flightless Animal Do You Want to Remain Flightless?

Every now and then, I see a report about a type of animal typically associated with land or water that is now also airborne. It scares me every time.

The most recent addition to the “sure, it can fly too” list is a certain type of snake that can glide through the air for a fair distance. I’m constantly on the lookout for snakes as it is, and now I need to look up even when I’m in a treeless area?

Prior to that, I think there was a flying tarantula discovered somewhere. Not a fan of that either.

I should clarify: I’m super impressed with these animals. Seriously, well done. I’m a little jealous. Scared, but jealous.

I thought I’d make my pick today of the flightless animal I most want to remain on land or in water, not in midair. Snakes and spiders would have been among my top picks, but as I’ve mentioned, some of them can fly. So I’ll go with grizzly bears. Or maybe tapeworms. Or jellyfish.

Also, the animal I most want to evolve into an airborne animal is the miniature horse. It would be adorable to have a few of them land on my patio.

What about you? The animal you most want to remain flightless, and the animal you’d most like to sprout wings.

3 thoughts on “Which Flightless Animal Do You Want to Remain Flightless?”

  1. I love the question! My first thought was sharks, but after consideration, I’d rank them lower than grizzly bears or jellyfish. Turtles, despite their lack of speed, would be somewhere on the no-fly-zone list too.

    As for the animal I’d most like to see flying, perhaps a penguin?


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