Which Game, Movie, and Food Would You Choose for an Egyptian-Themed Evening?

We recently received our monthly Universal Yums box–which contained treats from Egypt–and decided to make an evening of it.

For the food, we just ate regular salads and the various treats in the box, as seen below. I liked both the pretzels and the spicy/lime chips, and the hazelnut wafer bar was really tasty.

While we ate this super-healthy dinner, we watched…The Mummy! It’s been quite a while since I saw it–in fact, when The Mummy was originally released, I was working a summer job in a movie theater! So I’ve seen parts of it many, many times, but only the whole movie once or twice. It’s just good popcorn fun with lots of mummies who are more interested in yelling at their prey than chasing them.

The next day, I opened and learned Imhotep the Duel (a 2-player version of the game Imhotep). It’s a very tense set collection game:

What would your food, movie, and game choices be for an Egyptian-themed evening or weekend?

1 thought on “Which Game, Movie, and Food Would You Choose for an Egyptian-Themed Evening?”

  1. Dunno about the movie. Mummy, maybe. Would do some research on the food. Game would be Cleopatra and the Society of Architects. The bits would be perfect for such a theme evening.


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