Will You Watch Mulan on September 4?

Disney shocked me today with a massive announcement: Instead of waiting for moviegoers to return to theaters in the unforeseen future, they will release Mulan on their streaming platform, Disney+…for $30.

I’m in!

At least, that was my initial reaction. I love the original Mulan, and the live action version looks stunning. I prefer to go into movies with low expectations, and that is not possible for me to do with Mulan. I can’t wait to watch it, I’m glad I don’t have to continue to delay to see it, and I will gladly pay $30 for the pleasure, especially since it’s something both Megan and I are excited about.

Beyond that, it’s a fascinating experiment by Disney. My prediction is that it will be incredibly profitable for them. I don’t think it would have worked for just any movie, but Mulan hits a sweet spot across multiple generations. Plus, they’re giving people a blockbuster film for 2020–perhaps the only blockbuster film for 2020.

I do, however, feel bad for theaters, especially my favorite local theaters in St. Louis like the Hi-Pointe, the Chase, and the Tivoli. I’ve spent countless hours surrounded by people in front of the big screen, experiencing movies together. Mulan is just one movie, but it may very well pave the way for other movies for at least the next 6-12 months, which is plenty long enough for thousands of theaters to go out of business. I hope not, but I also miss movies, and I feel for the thousands of people who spent time, resources, and love while crafting them in the first place, only for them to be left in limbo this year.

What’s your take on this experiment? Will you pay $30 to watch Mulan on September 4?

4 thoughts on “Will You Watch Mulan on September 4?”

  1. My wife and I will be giving it a pass, but we would have given it a pass in Theaters too.

    The original is my wife’s (whose parents are from Hong Kong) favourite movie, but every trailer looks like they have stripped the soul out of this movie, so we thought it would likely just lead to disappointment. I think there’s a sweet spot for remakes where you need to enjoy the original but not adore it, and I think for my wife and I we fall too much into appreciating the original too much.

    Add to this the main actress being a highly vocal supporter of Mainland China and anti-Hong Kong, it adds some ethical complexity to the decision-making process.

    That said, it does look to be a visually impressive movie, and I hope that those who do choose to see it have a fantastic experience!

  2. While I wouldn’t mind viewing Mulan, I am opposed to paying $30 on top of paying for the streaming service already light on new content. I’m fine waiting until it’s included.

  3. $30 is way more expensive that the price it would cost in a theater. That’s a pass for me. I’ll watch it when it’s less expensive or if it releases to theaters eventually.

  4. As a former HK resident and supporter of Democratic rights everywhere, it’s hard for me to condone the lead actresses’ comments supporting the HK police’s thuggish tactics. Now that HK’s freedom of press, assembly and speech have been squashed by China’s new Security Law it will be even harder for me to watch this movie and its lead character without her comments and the current HK situation in mind.

    I think I’ll play a nice game of Tapestry instead 🙂


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