Do You Watch Sumo?

While vacationing in Colorado last week, we wound down in the evenings watching sumo wrestling. As you do.

Megan’s brother has followed grand sumo tournaments for a few years. There’s a 15-day tournament every other month, and one happened to be wrapping up last week.

So almost every night we all settled down in the living room of our AirBnB to watch a 30-minute recap of the previous day’s action (the English-language videos are here). Eric filled us in on the tournament structure, various wrestling styles, and backgrounds for each of the wrestlers.

I had seen a little bit of sumo while in Japan, but I didn’t really understand much about it, so it didn’t hook me. This time, though, I found myself eager to learn what would happen on the next day. I also found myself rooting for a few different wrestlers based on their rankings, performance, and intimidation styles. Takakeisho, shown here, is my favorite.

Even though it’s not live, the 30-minute highlight format is great, as it removes the time-consuming ceremonial aspect of sumo (which is interesting to watch once, but not over and over). I’m absolutely hooked, and I look forward to the next tournament in November.

Have you ever watched sumo? If you’ve followed it recently, who do you root for?

2 thoughts on “Do You Watch Sumo?”

  1. That sounds so intriguing. As I mentioned yesterday, I somehow found my way to Sumo one year…about 20 years ago, got really into it, then it vanished from my life as quickly as it arrived. No one explained the background to me, but I remember following Yokozuna Akebono (just looked him up…most have been more than 20 years ago). It’d be fun to follow along again!


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