How Do You Rank These Live-Action Disney Remakes?

Over the last few years, Disney has remade a number of classic animated films, including The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and most recently, Mulan. Across the board, I’m incredibly impressed by the quality of these films.

We had a bit of a “Disney remake” weekend, and I thought I’d go ahead and rank the films, as I think certain remakes work better than others.

6. The Lion King: While this is a perfectly fine film–one that’s stunning aesthetically–it somehow lacks the soul of the original. I thought the music was better in the animated version, though I like that Simba is given slightly more time to develop and grow in the remake.

5. The Jungle Book: This is another huge technical achievement, as almost everything in this remake is CGI. While I enjoyed watching it, I found that it overstayed its welcome and was ultimately somewhat forgettable.

4. Cinderella: I actually think this could be near the top of the list, as it’s a superb film on every level (and it works despite not being a musical like the original). The only thing holding it back, in my opinion, is the sheer simplicity of the story. The live-action version does a good job of fleshing out some of the characters, though.

3. Beauty and the Beast: I enjoyed this movie on pretty much every level. It’s fun and beautiful, it fills in gaps missed by the original and makes certain characters a bit more relatable, and it features a great new song in addition to the classics.

2. Aladdin: I love pretty much everything about this movie. It helps that I think it has the best soundtrack of any classic Disney film, and I like how Jasmine’s character and motivations are fleshed out a lot more in the remake.

1. Mulan: This is another remake that removed the “musical” element of the original, and largely for the better. It’s beautiful, epic, and memorable, and I really like the addition of the sorceress and how she relates to Mulan.

Among the Disney modern animated classics, I think only The Little Mermaid is left. We’ll see where it fits on this list in a few years! For now, how would you rank these movies?

3 thoughts on “How Do You Rank These Live-Action Disney Remakes?”

  1. Nice list! I agree with most of your points but would have to adjust the list slightly for mine (though I haven’t seen Mulan yet, so I can’t put that on the list at the moment):
    5. Cinderella – Great acting and well done overall but largely forgettable.
    4. Beauty and the Beast – Well done, but I prefer most of the music in the original more (though Evermore was a good addition)
    3. Lion King – Had high expectations because of family members who loved it. But I also likwd the cartoon version slightly better.
    2. Aladdin – Amazing. So glad Jasmine got her own song and was pretty captivating from beginning to end.
    1. Jungle Book – I’ve watched this money the most and it was actually my favorite movie for awhile. An all star cast with an interesting overarching plot (though, ironically I don’t remember the original very well, so maybe it was just as good, if not better).

  2. I haven’t seen a single one of the live-action remakes, but as all of these films I enjoyed watching them with my daughter over the years, here’s my ranking of the actual movies:

    6. The Jungle Book
    5. Cinderella
    4. The Lion King
    3. Beauty and the Beast
    2. Mulan
    1. Aladdin



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