My New Favorite Way to Hike

Every summer when I was a kid, my family would go camping at least a few times a year. Usually we were in Shenandoah National Park, but we also ventured to other places, including memorable trips to Glacier National Park and Bryce Canyon.

We would spend mornings and evenings at the campsite (or occasionally in a cabin) and our days hiking. I preferred a brisk pace while on the trail, and I would end up well ahead of the rest of my family. I wouldn’t say that I loved hiking, but overall it was fun to wander through nature and get lost in my thoughts.

However, I definitely now have a new favorite way to hike.

I spent the last week in Colorado with Megan and a few members of her family, and during that time, we played disc golf 4 times (3 different courses). Now, I’ve mentioned my new love of disc golf, but I haven’t really thought of it as hiking.

That changed when we arrived at the Arapaho Basin. It’s used for skiing in the winter, but when there’s no snow on the ground, it’s a massive slope-side disc golf course. When you’re not throwing the disc, you’re hiking, and because it’s on a mountain, it felt like a hike to me.

I’ve gone on some memorable, beautiful hikes in my life, including several in New Zealand last year. But I have to say that I love the addition of disc golf to the experience, as it adds a purpose to a hike. You’re not just walking around for a few hours–you’re playing a game in the wilderness. Perhaps this is also why some people enjoy geocaching?

Given how easy it is to travel with discs, now I can’t wait to experience more disc golf hikes around the country and the world. They don’t have to be on mountains, but I like the idea of them being incorporated into beautiful places.

What’s your favorite way to hike (or place)? Have you experienced any similar “disc golf hikes” that you’d recommend?

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Way to Hike”

  1. I am glad to see you enjoying the new to you sport of disc golfing. Those are some beautiful photos of the courses out West. There are some very pretty courses out West from the photos I see on twitter. I imagine I’d lose many more discs on some of the courses I see in the mountains.

    My two favorites here in the relatively flat northern part of Illinois –

    1. Fairfield Park (Round Lake Beach, IL)
    2. The Canyons (Lockport, IL)

    I have described disc golfing to people as a walk with a purpose. Everyone’s trip is different as they walk to their disc, but their goal (purpose) is the same – put the disc in the basket. So far I have yet to see disc golf carts so exercise is still part of the game.

    • Chris: Indeed, I lost a disc that really sailed down the slope…and kept sailing. 🙂

      “A walk with a purpose”–I like that! Thanks for the recommendations.


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