Have You Attended a Wilderness Wedding?

As I mentioned last week, the reason I was absent from this blog for a few days was that we drove out west to attend a very small wedding in Colorado. It was just me, Megan, her parents, and the bride and groom (Megan’s brother).

Their dream wedding was actually in Yosemite, but that wasn’t possible due to the wildfires, so at the last minute they changed everything to their second favorite place in the US, Garden of the Gods Park. I must admit I had never heard of this place, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Now that I’ve been there twice–once for the rehearsal hike and then for the actual wedding–I’m absolutely in awe of the beauty of Garden of the Gods. It’s a stunning array of towering red rocks amidst the stark greenery and blue skies.

It’s a big park with plenty of walking paths. We found lots of people who didn’t wander too far from the parking lot (and they could still see a lot of the beauty), but if you’re willing to walk, it’s pretty much you and nature for long stretches.

It’s also a popular place for weddings, with a number of designated spots that you’re allowed to use for short periods of time without any reservations. I’ve been to many weddings in my day, and this was one of my favorites: No pomp, no circumstance–just a few lovely people surrounded by the great outdoors. (Also, a bunch of strangers watching the wedding from afar lit up with applause and cheers when we finished.)

Also, have you ever attended a wedding that featured a 4-mile hike afterwards? Because that’s exactly what we did. After the short ceremony, we walked around talking and taking pictures. Even though there were other people around (many of whom wished congratulations to the newlyweds), it was still private and intimate.

Below are a few of those photos. Have you ever attended a wedding like this?

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