Have You Met a Moose?

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Colorado happened just after we finished the 20-basket disc golf course at Arapahoe Basin. We were standing at the base of of a mountain when someone looked up and said, “Is that a moose?”

Sure enough, a good 200-300 yards up the mountain (fortunately) was a moose. With his antlers he was probably around 10 feet tall. He seemed to be waiting for some smaller moose that were well behind him, but then he gave up on them and just trudged across the mountainside. We watched him emerge in and out of trees during his troll for the next 20 minutes.

While the moose was probably the most exciting wildlife we saw during the Colorado trip, we had a few other animal encounters. On wedding day in Garden of the Gods, the newlyweds had just walked over a spot when Megan pointed to a step I was about to take and said, “Snake!”

I’d been on the lookout for snakes the entire time, yet I missed this one. I jumped back around 8 feet, realized I was safe, and proceeded to take this photo:

In my mind it was a huge snake, but in reality it was probably a baby. I think it was a rattlesnake, but I’m not entirely sure. He slithered off the path, and we didn’t see him again. Here’s my reaction to seeing it:

Yeah, not a huge fan of snakes.

Perhaps most notable at Garden of the Gods were the deer. We saw almost a dozen of them, and they were always just off the path, chewing away contentedly at the bushes. They all had huge ears. This buck was right near the parking lot:

At the Rampart Park disc golf course, we saw lots of bunnies. They weren’t interested in cuddling, unfortunately.

Back at Arapahoe Basin, a bird tried to befriend us. I’m pretty sure it wanted to land on the various hats worn by members of our entourage, but it ended up on the pole sticking out of the top of the disc golf basket instead. This just happened to be the basket where I lost a disc, so it was nice to have a light moment to make up for the loss.

Finally, when I got back to St. Louis, I encountered two fierce predators on the prowl:

Have you ever met a moose? What’s your latest animal encounter?

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