My 3 Favorite SNL Sketches of the Week (Adele)

Saturday Night Live has been back on air for a few weeks now, impressively recorded on the main stage with plenty of safety precautions in place. I liked a few of the sketches from the previous two weeks (including the Canadian News Show sketch), but this was the first week that featured 3 standouts, in my opinion.

Here are my top 3 sketches:

The Bachelor

SNL has a great history of poking fun at The Bachelor, but this week’s twist was particularly funny to me: Adele plays herself as an overdramatic Bachelor contestant.

Madame Vivelda

I’ve seen a few different YouTubers post sketches about 2020 from the perspective of our 2019 selves, and this one jumps right to the top of the list. It exemplifies just how crazy this year has been.

Visiting Grandma

This is a sneaky sketch, because at first it appears to be just a bunch of young people yelling at an elderly woman. But then there’s a twist, as the grandma knows more than what she’s letting on.

What were your favorite SNL sketches of the week? Here’s a full compilation on Slashfilm in case you need to catch up.

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