My 3 Favorite SNL Sketches of the Week (Dave Chappelle)

This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live had a number of excellent sketches, and Weekend Update continues to hit it out of the park. The host this week, Dave Chappelle, was back for the first time since the Saturday after the election 4 years ago…the mood this time was noticeably more upbeat.

Here are my top 3 sketches:

Super Mario 35th Anniversary

Do you remember when Super Mario was originally released? This sketch highlights a few different stories, including an increasingly (and painfully) absurd situation.

Take Me Back

I like when SNL plays on rom com tropes. These sketches don’t always land, but I love when they escalate like this one.

Uncle Ben

In a new twist, Dave Chappelle actually introduces this sketch about a few famous people who have lost their jobs recently. I think it’s better seen without the screencap image (which includes a spoiler), so if you’re intrigued, just click here.


What were your favorite SNL sketches of the week? Here’s a full compilation on Slashfilm in case you need to catch up.

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