What Did You Think of the Schitt’s Creek Finale?

I’ve really enjoyed watching the 6 seasons of Schitt’s Creek, the fish-out-of-water Canadian comedy series about a wealthy family who loses everything except for a small town the father bought as a joke years ago. As describe quite well in this Vox article, the show evolved over time from solely featuring small-town humor and somewhat unlikable leads to a heartwarming, genuinely funny show filled with loveable characters.

I love a good finale, and I really like how Schitt’s Creek ended. Spoilers follow in case you haven’t seen it (if not, give it a try!)

The predictable conclusion for Schitt’s Creek would have been for each family member to realize that small-town life is better than their previous opulent lifestyle, and they all would have stayed despite opportunities elsewhere. But that’s not at all what happens.

Instead, each character makes a choice that fits their 6-season character arc and growth. Moira revitalizes her acting career without sacrificing her integrity and moves to LA. Alexis heads to New York to rely on herself for a while. Johnny, having seen the value of small-towns, reinvents his business. David is the sole family member who will remain in the town, after realizing that his favorite things are there and he has nothing to prove to his old “friends” (i.e., the people who never even reached out to him after his family’s fall from grace).

Also, there was a beautiful wedding!

I laughed, I cried, and I applauded the creative choices made to wrap up this wonderful show. What did you think?

2 thoughts on “What Did You Think of the Schitt’s Creek Finale?”

  1. Absolutely loved the series. I can understand why it ended that way. More unrealistic to expect all of them especially Moira to accept living there for good. Not strongest but more than adequate end. Overall series is amazing and we never laughed so much.

  2. LOVED this show, including the finale. Agree with you that I liked that it wasn’t fleeing the hellhole or deciding to stay, but a nuanced mix of what was best for each person. I’m so thrilled they won big at the Emmy’s!


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