A Brief Interlude About College Football

Something odd, interesting, fascinating happened a few weeks ago in the college football. Sports topics probably aren’t why you read this blog, but I love sports as a form of entertainment (particularly soccer, football, and basketball).

Two weeks ago, there were two teams with perfect 9-0 records…but they weren’t in contention to play for a national championship. Those teams–BYU and Coastal Carolina–aren’t in any of the major conferences, so even if they both ended the year with perfect records, they weren’t going to be selected for the 4-team playoff, particularly since their remaining opponents were pretty weak.

Then…something happened.

Coastal Carolina was scheduled to play Liberty, but that game was cancelled due to several Liberty players testing positive for COVID. So with no game to play that weekend, the athletic directors at Coastal and BYU decided that they would play each other instead. Instead of playing it safe and going for perfect records, they put it all on the line in the hopes the improvement in strength of schedule would bump the winner into national championship contention.

Coastal Carolina ended up winning the game, and after that win and this past weekend, they’ve moved up to 9th in the national rankings. They still have a long way to go, but at least now they have a shot at something epic when they had no chance before.

I read about this on an ESPN story by David Hale, and he added a great suggestion:

“So why not set aside one Saturday a season—the second-to-last weekend of the season, perhaps—for a “bracket buster” set of games between teams outside the Power 5? Schedule it two weeks out, a lifetime compared to what Coastal and BYU got to prepare—and give the rest of the country a real look at the teams it has probably overlooked all year.”

I love that idea! Every year it’s odd to me that some undefeated (or 1-loss teams) outside the major conferences aren’t considered for the playoff, and having a late-season matchup against another team with the same goal in sight would be great for those teams, for the playoff, and for people like me who want to watch undefeated Cinderella-story teams go head to head in December.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude About College Football”

  1. I love that idea! I was pretty impressed by what BYU and Coastal Carolina did. I’d love to see more of it. I love how college basketball affords that opportunity with such a large pool for the NCAA tournament. Obviously, that’s not possible in football with the number of games it would entail, but why not create some kind of mini bowl season within the non-power 5 conferences? Allow the 4 best teams to play and then the two winners to play! Personally, the winner of a Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina, BYU, Louisiana mini playoff would be a great addition to the national championship picture.

    • I really like that! So there would be 3 slots in the playoff for the top teams from the major conferences, and the non-power 5 conferences would have a mini playoff before that to determine which of their teams would fill the 4th slot? That sounds awesome.

      • Yes, I’d support either that system or a 6-team playoff with this format:

        Top non-power 5 from mini playoff + seeds 3-5. Winners play seeds 1 & 2. Winners play for national championship!

        This year with current rankings, that might mean…
        (6) Cincinnati-assuming they win mini playoff at (3) Ohio State
        (5) Texas A&M at (4) Clemson

        Lowest seeded winner vs (1) Alabama
        Highest seeded winner vs (2) Notre Dame

        National championship!

        Conference championships will probably eliminate ND or Clemson, and USC may sneak in despite not facing a team that finishes with a winning record!


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