An Introvert’s Dream Party

Some friends recently told us about a party they attended with some interesting social distancing guidelines.

The setting for the party was a friend’s open garage. In and near the garage, there were 3 large circles taped on the ground for the hosts and two sets of guests.

To attend the party, you had to sign up for a 2-hour timeslot on a Google Doc where you could see who would be occupying the other circle.

Feel free to reread that sentence, because it describes my ideal party in several ways. First, the introvert in me has the most fun at gatherings if I have a pretty good idea of how long I need to be there (i.e., how long I need to be “on”). Second, while I like to meet new people and learn more about acquaintances at gatherings, I mostly enjoy connecting with friends. So I like the idea of knowing who else will be at the party at the same time I’m there.

While I don’t think this solution for COVID-avoidance gatherings will stick around post-pandemic, I’ll keep in mind for gatherings I host in the future that are attended by a number of introverts like me. Would it appeal to you?

2 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Dream Party”

  1. Hi Jamey,
    This concept of a party appeals to me as well.
    It’s great that there has been more and more acknowledgement of introverts in recent years. I am an introvert plus a HSP (highly sensitive person) which means I get overstimulated quickly and attending a party comes with a lot anxiety ahead. Not all introverts are HSP though. I hope being an HSP will get more recognition in the future, too. (please see:

  2. While utterly fascinating, this is is exactly the opposite of what I’m looking for in a party or social gathering as an extrovert. Now, as I’ve engaged more and more with the board game community, from gamers at convention tables to fledgling designers for whom I may serve as a developer, I’m keenly aware that I’m very much in the minority.

    To that end, I’m also quite empathetic to my friends who are introverts and I see the appeal of this set-up. If I end up attending such a party, I’ll be sure to circle back and let you know my thoughts as a participant.



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