Have You Watched Season 2 of The Mandalorian? (my thoughts)

This weekend we finished watching season 2 of the Star Wars show on Disney+, The Mandalorian, and I have a few thoughts. These first few notes are spoiler-free, followed by a spoiler section.

I think this best sums up my reaction to this season: In nearly every episode, I found myself thinking, “As a Star Wars fan, I can’t believe something this good exists as a TV show. This is a dream come true.”

It really is a remarkable achievement. Every episode looks amazing. I’d say “movie quality,” but some of the visuals are even better than the movies. A ton of it must be CGI, but it looks and feels so real.

I really enjoyed season 1, but at times it felt a bit episodic (one disconnected mini-adventure after another). In season 2, not only does every episode feel epic, but the stakes are raised significantly with a gripping ongoing story. It also feels well connected to the expanded Star Wars universe in a number of ways I won’t spoil.

Also, I still love that the heart of the show is the connection between the Mandalorian himself and “Baby Yoda” (who isn’t actually Yoda). There are moments between them that move me more than any other moment or relationship in the Star Wars universe. More on that in a second.

I absolutely love The Mandalorian, and I hope Disney/Star Wars are able to maintain this level of quality and emotional resonance with their other live-action shows.


A few episodes into this season, I almost wrote a blog post about my one concern about The Mandalorian. Here’s the note I wrote: We know they’re not going to split up Mando and Baby Yoda, so why do they keep pretending this is a possibility?”

Whelp! Now I know the show has the courage to actually make big changes. I don’t want the pair to be split up forever, but I think it takes a lot of courage for a show to truly change and evolve over time, and I applaud Disney for being open to that.

There’s a lot of spoiler stuff in season 2 that I could gush over, but there are two things I want to focus on. The first is a little thing I really liked: We’re taught that “this is the way” in season 1, and I assumed–like Mando himself–that there’s only one version of “the way.” But his beliefs are challenged this season several times in truly deep ways. It’s a reminder to me that I might have my own version of “the way,” and I should challenge my beliefs (and be open to others challenging them too).

The second is one of the last seasons of the movie, broken into two parts. The first is the appearance of super-badass Luke Skywalker tearing through an imperial force. Beyond the excellent action and the unexpected cameo (when the sole X-wing flies up to the ship, I was like, “Is that Luke? Could it be Luke? I think that’s Luke!”), I love that Luke had an opportunity to shine after episode 6. He got the short end of the stick in episode 8, in my opinion, so it really got me in the feels that he had a second chance here.

But the biggest moment for me–the moment that touched me more than any other moment in Star Wars history–is when Grogu touches Mando’s mask as if to say, “If I’m going to say goodbye, can we please do it face-to-face?” I love that the director let that moment (and the reveal that followed) linger for a good minute, during which I was properly bawling. Heck, I’m crying now just thinking about it! It’s a beautiful moment.

What was your favorite moment of season 2?

8 thoughts on “Have You Watched Season 2 of The Mandalorian? (my thoughts)”

  1. Mandalor’s history is fascinating and I love how that storyline ties the Clone Wars to this show. I’m cautiously optimistic that Asoka’s show could be equally as good as the Mandalorian has been. My only complaint? The seasons are just too short.

    • I would be happy with Mandalorian-level quality episodes every week! 🙂 That’s probably quite difficult to make, though (and these episodes aren’t cheap to produce).

  2. I love how between both seasons that each time the Mandalorian takes his helmet off is a big character moment, as it shows how dire or how important of a moment it is for the character that he is will to let go of his way. So much so I had a moment in my D&D campaign that I referred to as a Mandalorian moment because my character did something extremely abnormal by not introducing himself with all his self-given epithets. All the other players were in shock my character didn’t do that, like we are as viewers whenever the Mandalorian takes off his helmet.

    Also, I am super excited to see where the story line with the dark saber goes next season, and to find out what happens between Mando and Bo Katan.

    • Aaron: I completely agree, the show does a great job showing us how big of a deal it is when he takes off his helmet (and I like the comparison to your D&D character).

  3. There’s a ton of innovation in the production which was already used in season 1 and probably was further refined in S2:

    I really like where Jon Favreau has taken the show.

    The best scene was when Grogu used the force to grab those cookies and ate them. Favourite use of the force ever.

    Also looking forward to where the next spin-offs will take us.


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