We Finally Watched Tenet!

I get super excited about Christopher Nolan’s speculative films like The Prestige, Memento, Inception, Interstellar, etc. So it was really tough not to go to a movie theater to see Tenet earlier this year due to the pandemic.

Fortunately, Tenet released as a $20 video on demand last week, a price we were glad to pay. We knew nothing about the movie going into it, as I’d avoided all trailers and reviews. I’m glad I did, and I won’t even hint at the plot below so you can go into it fresh.

I will say that we both really enjoyed the movie. It’s exactly what I was hoping: A fresh, original light sci-fi movie. It includes an amazing special effect that is fascinating to watch unfold. There’s one scene in particular that is absolutely stunning.

A friend who had seen the movie in the theater said he was looking forward to watching it with subtitles at home, as he found some of the dialogue hard to understand due to Nolan’s questionable sound-mixing techniques. Within 5 minutes of starting the film, we did the same thing (and then rewatched the first 5 minutes). The movie is in English, but a lot of the dialogue is garbled or drowned out by the music, and in a complex movie like this, you really need to hear what the characters are saying. I highly recommend watching it that way.

What did you think of Tenet? It’s fine to discuss spoilers in the comments–just label them as such.

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  1. This tenet movie was so confusing the first time I watched it that I had to delete it even my family members were all pissed, but when my friends were talking about it I had to go get it again and watched and understand it. however I later watched another movie lupin and that one I really like and I think that’s the best tv series this year, check my post to see how to Stream or Download it.


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