What Assumptions Do People Make About You? (plus my list)

A few weeks ago I watched an “assumptions” video on YouTube. It was on a booktuber channel (someone who talks about books they read), and they took a break from their regular format to let viewers post assumptions they have about them. They addressed each of those assumptions.

I thought a video like that might be fun, so I asked a bunch of people connected to Stonemaier Games (mostly people who know of me but haven’t met me) what they assume about me. I had 116 responses–too many to reply to here–but I thought I’d share a few of them and indicate if they’re true or false.

  • Due to Walter and Biddy, I assume you’re not a dog person. I actually really like dogs. I don’t want to have a dog–they’re a lot more work than cats–but I love seeing my friends’ dogs.
  • I assume you enjoy country music. There are some country songs I enjoy, though it’s not my go-to genre.
  • You have the world’s largest collection of Aladdin themed paraphernalia. That would be hilarious, but no, I don’t think I own any Aladdin toys.
  • You look like you’d be very good at squash (the sport). I was decent at racquetball in college, but I never tried squash.
  • I assume that you make decisions on games you like based on if your cats like to sleep in the lid of the box. Indeed, seeing my cats happy makes me happy.
  • I assume you prefer Busch Gardens to Kings Dominion. These are amusement parks near where I grew up in Virginia. I did slightly prefer Busch Gardens, but amusement parks in general aren’t really an attraction for me.
  • I don’t think you swear in everyday life. That’s true! I don’t mind when other people swear (Megan curses like a sailor), but it’s just never been part of my vocabulary.
  • I picture you in upper middle class home in a nice suburb. Almost the opposite! I live in a condo in the city of St. Louis.
  • Very OCD, a perfectionist. Quite a few people said something like this, and as it turns out, I’m hardly OCD at all, nor am I a perfectionist. I’m the type of guy who fixes things with duct tape. I’m tidy, but I generally only clean something when it’s visibly dirty. Megan and I were just talking last night that out of the 4 creatures in our condo (2 humans and 2 cats), I’m by far the least OCD.
  • Mathematics was your favorite subject in grade school; and if school had a math club, you were a member. I was good at math through high school, though it wasn’t my favorite (I was more excited by writing and Japanese). I’m sure we had a math club, but I wasn’t in it. Megan, however, is a math whiz–she has a degree in mathematics.
  • That you are actually a bunch of cats in a man-shaped mech suit. This is absolutely true.
  • That you are unbeatable at your own games. A few people said this, but my style of play for any game is somewhat experimental, so I’m always poking and prodding at new strategies. Also, when I play my own games, I care much more about other people having fun than me winning. My win rate for my games is probably higher than other games on average, but I lose more than I win.
  • You are cutting your own hair during quarantine. I am! In fact, I’ve been cutting my own hair for years.
  • You are very introverted. I’m definitely an introvert (I’m generally energized by being alone), but I need time with friends too, and I enjoy the variety of online interaction my job creates.
  • You have never grown a beard! I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t fill out, and the hair is too light (especially now that I’m going grey).
  • You have strong opinions that people should not wear shoes in the house (or at least your house). Ever since studying abroad in Japan, I don’t wear shoes in my house (and rarely other houses). It’s my preference that other people don’t wear shoes in my house.
  • You keep tracking spreadsheets on mundane life things. Like food or books. This is absolutely true! I’ve tracked all sorts of odd things over the years, though right now it’s mostly just books and movies.

What are a few assumptions people have about you? Are they true?

1 thought on “What Assumptions Do People Make About You? (plus my list)”

  1. I’m unsure what assumptions people have about me; if I knew and they weren’t true, I’d probably work to actively correct the assumption. As someone who knows you, it was amusing to read what other people think, including some of the hilarious ones! I think you may want to dress as Aladdin in your next Stonemaier Games youtube video as an homage to that responder.


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