What Did You Think of “Lovecraft Country”?

A few weeks ago, a friend suggested that we watch the new HBO show “Lovecraft Country.” We had heard good things about it, but it looked like a horror show–a genre Megan and I generally avoid–so we were hesitant to try it. However, we decided to watch it as our weekend lunchtime show (daylight is a friendlier time for us non-horror folks), and we just finished it yesterday.

As we suspected, there are scary elements of the show rooted in traditional horror tropes. There’s also plenty of gore. But by far the scariest elements of the show aren’t supernatural; rather, they’re white supremacy and racism in the 1950s US.

There’s one particular scene early in the show that I’ll never forget. It involves a white police officer telling the protagonists (who are all Black) that they are just a few minutes away from violating the sundown curfew. This forces the characters to drive at the speed limit to the county limit with the officer tailing them. It’s the longest 2-minute car ride I’ve ever experience. It’s scary and terrible and heartbreaking.

Just like HBO’s Watchmen series, I think Lovecraft Country is worth watching for the educational experience regarding systemic and overt racism in America. Beyond that, it tells some interesting supernatural stories and has some compelling character arcs along the way.

Also like Watchmen, Lovecraft Country delves into the Tusla race massacre of 1921. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know about this tragic event until I saw it on Watchmen, and I take responsibility for that. However, I’m also appalled that my AP US History teacher didn’t teach us about this event. Some things are more important than an AP exam (really, most things are).

Regardless, I’m grateful for the light that Lovecraft Country shines on racism in the US in the 1950s, as I think we need to know about these things so we can prevent the sins of our past from repeating (both our country and ourselves).

Did you watch Lovecraft Country? What did you think?

2 thoughts on “What Did You Think of “Lovecraft Country”?”

  1. I’m not generally a sci-fi type, but I love horror, and I loved this series. However, I LOVE the Atticus/Leti dynamic. I LOVE that they’re portrayed as well-educated, smart people. I actually love the story line/character development for Montrose. The William/Christina thing was an interesting surprise, as was Ruby’s transformation. Hippolyta’s transformation was… interesting. They could have done some more with her character, and I hope they do next season (assuming there is one).

    I think there could have been more character development of the Kumiho and more about how involved the police were with the Sons of Adam. Sad about what happened with Ruby in the end, and am a little disappointed with the portrayal of Christina’s [alleged] demise. It was anticlimactic in that regard.

    I hope they continue on this storyline for next season.

  2. Similar to you I am not a horror/gore show person, but I had heard good things about the show. It was very well written and supposedly the show is portrayed close to the books it was based off. The actors were all very good and I would be interested in the second season or a prequel to see more of the development of the characters.

    HBO is really on a nice run of success. I know some people thought once Game of Thrones was over that HBO would be done for a while too. HBO has done a “Bollywood” shift IMO. They went from one major hit/blockbuster (GoT) to a whole bunch of different smaller shows – Watchmen, Lovecraft Country, Euphoria, Perry Mason, Industry, His Dark Materials, etc.

    You mentioned how your US History AP teacher never taught the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. Neither did mine. A thought came to me recently, imagine being a student in AP history in 50 or 100 years and covering the year 2020. Yikes!


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