Happy Adoption Day!

40 years ago, I was granted the incredible gift of not just two, but four parents: Two biological parents who were no longer dating and just weren’t ready to raise a child, and two parents who chose me as their first child. I was 3 days old at the time, so I don’t remember any of … Read more

How Do You Eat a Box of Chocolates?

Due to some special celebrations recently, I’ve received a few boxes of fancy chocolates, all of which are delicious and amazing. So far I’ve sampled chocolates from See’s and Katherine Anne, and Ginger Elizabeth awaits in my fridge. The big box of See’s chocolates is unlabeled–you don’t know what you’re going to bite into. I … Read more

Today in America

I’m struggling to find words to express how I feel about the attack on the US Capitol today. It’s not at all because I have mixed feelings–the actions of these “protestors” (i.e., domestic terrorists) are appalling, disgusting, hypocritical, and incredibly undemocratic–but it’s just a lot to digest. It’s shocking, yet it’s also not a huge … Read more