Happy Adoption Day!

My mom, dad, Megan, and me!

40 years ago, I was granted the incredible gift of not just two, but four parents: Two biological parents who were no longer dating and just weren’t ready to raise a child, and two parents who chose me as their first child.

I was 3 days old at the time, so I don’t remember any of this. But I’m eternally grateful for the choices made by my biological mother and my parents. I have my life because of those choices.

If you’re adopted too, your experience may be similar to mine or it might be quite different. I’m fortunate that my parents were always transparent about my origins, not something to hide and be revealed on a specific day. I’m also lucky that I had the option to connect with my biological mother whenever I wanted (I waited until I was in college), and we still correspond from time to time. We exchanged some emails on my recent birthday, and I FaceTimed with my parents, nieces, and nephews.

Regardless of your experience, if you’re adopted too, I hope it’s okay if I celebrate my kinship with you today. It’s perfectly normal that we’re adopted–there’s absolutely no stigma in it–but it’s also something special and unique that we share. I like how I said it in my post a few years ago:

“Old and young, men and women, humans and cats…your story is different than mine, but we share a common bond. It’s a badge of honor for me to share that bond with you.”

Happy adoption day!

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