My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2020

Somehow, in a year with hardly any theatrical releases, I managed to watch 56 new-to-me movies. A lot of them were older movies streamed via Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc, but there were a few new movies in the mix as well.

Here’s my list, complete with quotes from and links to my original review (if there is one):

10. The Rewrite: Remember the good ole days when Hugh Grant bumbled his way through every romantic comedy? I miss those times, and The Rewrite was a reminder of them.

9. Hamilton: “On nearly every level, I find Hamilton to be rather incredible. The music was awesome–I was familiar with the first song, but one after another the great songs kept coming. The biggest surprise for me, though, was how much of the musical focuses not on Hamilton, but on Burr. American history has kind of cast off Burr as a villain with a gun, but now I know he was so much more than that. And the actor who played him can really sing.”

8. The Invention of Lying: This is a much older movie about a world where it’s physically impossible for people to lie. It’s a fascinating concept, and it toes the line between comedy and philosophy really well.

7. Soul: I haven’t written about this yet, but I really enjoyed the second Pixar release of 2020 (the first, Onward, was also solid). I particularly enjoyed the visualizations of the afterlife.

6. Eurovision: Song Contest: “There were several times where I turned to Megan and asked an obvious question–a question that most other movies would introduce but not answer–only to immediately have a character in the movie ask the exact question and answer it in either a satisfying or funny way.”

5. Mulan: “This is another remake that removed the “musical” element of the original, and largely for the better. It’s beautiful, epic, and memorable, and I really like the addition of the sorceress and how she relates to Mulan.”

4. Game Changers: “It focuses much more on the benefits of a plant-based diet than the negatives of eating meat. And it’s told through the eyes of a skeptic, someone who challenges and questions the plant-based diet every step of the way (health, marketing, evolution, etc).” This was the movie that inspired me to go mostly vegetarian, and the health benefits have been noticeable over the last 11 months.

3. Tenet: “A fresh, original light sci-fi movie. It includes an amazing special effect that is fascinating to watch unfold. There’s one scene in particular that is absolutely stunning.” I’d highly recommend watching this with subtitles!

2. Palm Springs: “It is as advertised–a time loop rom com–but it also goes a bit deeper and offers some elements I haven’t seen in this type of movie.” This is the film of 2020 that will hold up the most for repeat viewings, in my opinion.

1. The Mandalorian, Season 2: Obviously this is a pretty big cheat, but the second season of this show felt like a movie broken into 8 segments, and it was simply magnificent. It moved me far more than any film in 2020.

Last year’s list is here.

What were some of your favorite movies of 2020?

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