When Did You Go Streaming-Only?

I want to remember this moment, so I’m commemorating it here.

A few days ago, we sat down at lunch to watch episode 2 of season 3 of the delightful A.P. Bio on Peacock (NBC’s streaming service). But to watch that episode, we needed to subscribe to Peacock (up until then, it was free). So we did.

After lunch, I counted the different streaming services we now used: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+. Then I counted the number of non-streaming shows I watch, and everything I thought of was on at least one of those services.

I looked at Megan, and we knew the time had come: It was time to cut the cable.

Of course, Charter Spectrum fought me tooth and nail for a good 45 minutes, but I persevered, and we’re down to high-speed internet only. We’ll save $60 a month, which is approximately the combined cost of those streaming services.

I have to say, it feels really good. While I do occasionally watch live sports, it’s really rare these days, and the highlights are always available somewhere else. I’m not quite sure how I’ll watch the Super Bowl, but I’ll find a way. (Update: We’ll have to get CBS All Access, but that’s fine! What else is good there?)

When did you go streaming-only? Do you regret it at all?

10 thoughts on “When Did You Go Streaming-Only?”

  1. We cut Charter a couple of years ago and have never looked back. We do Hulu live which enables whatever you want. So you could add it in for those times you need sports.

  2. To be honest I cut cable back in 2012 and have never looked back. Everything we found ourselves watching was on one of the streaming services we were currently subscribers to. We did but a digital antenna for over the air live television. It’s so freeing! Enjoy.

  3. Similar situation here – and in Canada you even get all NFL games (not that I cared) but also English Premier League, Champions League and more soccer and other sports on DAZN, it’s my most watched streaming service. Still have some tv channels but only watch the night news or sometimes SNL…

  4. We cut our home phone line several years ago and we cut cable several months ago. Subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, we get all of the programming we want. Also, there’s always a way to find live programming if necessary. For instance, we were able to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC through a link provided on our Chromecast Smart TV.

  5. Nice job cutting the cord. One way to get most basic live tv channels is a one-time investment (less than $30, usually) in an antenna on Amazon. That’ll get you some live sports!

  6. I cut the cord back in 2009. But to be honest, I have moved so often (22 times in the last 26 years) that I have only ever had actual cable twice, since the hassle of getting it installed and returning the ‘box’ felt burdensome. I usually just had broadcast television. I also worked nights from when I was 15 until I was 22, so I never really had a ‘show’ until I got a TIVO in 2005 and started recording House MD.

    My family always watched movies when I was young, to the point that my parents got a second VHS player as soon as they found out you could make copies. They had to have made three hundred tapes, each recorded in extended so you could fit up to three movies on each.

    Obviously the images were of the highest quality.

    I actually burned through two tapes that had Real Genius, so I went out and bought an actual release copy of the film, and then burned through that one as well.

    Anyone remember the days of trying to incrementally skooch that little analog ‘tracking’ dial on the VHS to clear up the worst of the fuzz at the top or bottom of the screen? Good times.

  7. We stopped paying for TV probably 13 years ago. We watched streaming when we could, or watched live networks occasionally. Today, we pay for Amazon Prime, and we have half of a Netflix account, and we get HBO Max for free from our AT&T Internet.

    Fun fact – the major sporting events are delivered for free over the air! For live sports, which is usually only the Super Bowl or the playoffs sometimes if the Packers are playing, and the Olympics, we have a small antenna that hides behind the TV.

  8. We cut cable 1 year and 1 month ago (we got fire sticks for Christmas).

    On CBS All Access, we really like to watch UEFA Champions League (soccer), Young Sheldon and my wife and daughter like CSI.

  9. I’ve never paid for cable, and rarely watched it when I lived somewhere it was provided. I have CBS All Access for Star Trek.


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